Mission, Purpose and Values

Our Mission

The destination for electricals

Our Purpose

We make customers’ lives easier by helping them brilliantly

Our Values

We treat every customer like our gran

We focus on being brilliant for our customers and our teams care passionately about them.

The best service is no service – it should be personal and simple.

We make it easy for customers to buy what they need.

We do the right thing for our customers, always with an AO smile.

We make decisions that make our mums proud

We empower our people to make the right decisions, not necessarily the easy ones.

We inspire each other to be our true selves and the best that we can be.

We genuinely care, we listen to each other, and we do everything we can to make things better.

Having a positive impact on the world
in which we live is the right thing to do.

We have a growth mindset

Creativity and thinking big is what we do.

We’re a high performing team; always learning and stretching.

We challenge ourselves to seek better ways of doing things.

We see opportunities others don’t, and thinking differently strengthens our future.

We operate at AO speed

We have a bias for action and make things happen today, not tomorrow.

We prefer to rely on data, and we trust our intuition.

We don’t think we’re always right, we’re happy to learn from our mistakes quickly and correct course.

We commit to decisions as One AO – whether we agree or not.