Our Values

This is what counts – Our values

Our values shape everything we do. They drive the way we make our decisions and shape the culture of our business. They’re an attitude, a behaviour. They’re in our DNA.

Discover our five company values below and find out exactly what it is that makes us tick.


We have always been Bold from day one. We dare to be different and we thrive in a seriously competitive sector. Still, we don’t follow trends, we set them…

We change stuff. For the better. You couldn’t even buy white goods online before we started. That boldness has driven us to make some very brave decisions – like buying our own logistics company or setting up in Germany, from scratch. Bold moves that result in a better experience for our customers.


To make our bold aims work we’re Smart – anyone can promise the earth, but we aim to find a way to do what looks impossible…

Or sometimes to simply do what’s right – like setting up Europe’s most advanced fridge recycling plant keeping the hazardous waste from 700,000 fridges a year out of the environment. There’s always a way – if we can’t find it, we’ll make it.


To turn impossible-sounding ideas into reality you have to be Driven. Things may get tough but we’ve never done anything just because it’s easy.

We’re at our best when we’re really up against it – that’s when our tenacity and inventiveness combine to find the best way forward. We won’t give up until we’ve got it right – for our customers, for our colleagues, for our world.


Doing challenging things with like-minded people is what gets us out of bed and give our best, that’s what makes AO a place where you can really have Fun.

Fun can mean a lot of things – and it does here. One thing, however, is absolutely key: achievement. That’s fun, too. It feels great; it’s empowering. There’s something grinningly addictive about it and it makes us all better.


Underpinning everything is the way we Care, about people, about our work and about building something that really makes a difference.

We care about getting it right. We care about making sure our customers are happy – the happiest, in fact. It matters. It really does.