has become one of the highest rated and ranked UK retailers on Trustpilot, after reaching 500,000 reviews, a huge milestone for the Bolton-based electricals retailer.

The North West based company is the only UK retailer to feature on the list of global companies to reach 500,000 reviews with a consistent score of 4.8* out of five and 86% of reviews rating the retailer as excellent.

AO was famously founded by John Roberts in 2000 on the principle of “treating every customer like your gran” and with over 11 million customers today, that remains core to the retailer’s approach to all aspects of customer service.

Trustpilot reviews are also used to identify where improvements need to be made to make shopping with better for customers, from order tracking to product installations.

For example, after numerous Trustpilot reviews mentioned delivery notification delays, changed its system to provide real-time delivery notifications and enhanced order tracking features.

Also, having received feedback through Trustpilot about customers missing important updates on PayPal delivery failures, responded by revamping its notification system to promptly alert users of any transaction issues.

Vicky Monk, group marketing director at AO, said: “We’re incredibly proud to reach half a million reviews on Trustpilot, having only passed the 200,000 milestone in late 2020. We’d like to thank all of our customers who took the time to leave a review and of course to every employee who’s made this possible.

“Where most business in our position would revel in the almost 465,000 4 and 5-star reviews, we instead obsess about the small percentage of negative reviews. Working with Trustpilot in a unique way, we use reviews to influence our business practices. When we spot themes, we act, to ensure we are bringing the best experience to our customers every time.

Alicia Skubick, Chief Customer Officer at Trustpilot, added: “Reviews, both positive and negative, are an invaluable source of information for businesses, helping them to build trust with their customers, and then ultimately grow and improve their own services and products.

“The more businesses engage with their customers through reviews, the more they understand where the opportunities for the future lie by addressing concerns and then pinpointing areas where they can maximise growth”