FY21 Trading Statement

Our FY21 Trading Statement has been released here.

FY21 Interim Results

Our Interim results have been released. You will be able to watch a pre-recorded webcast of the results presentation, along with a recording of the live Q&A by clicking here.

AO World at a Glance

Who are we and what do we do?

We sell major and small domestic appliances and consumer electronics in the UK and Germany and deliver them via our in-house logistics business and carefully selected third parties.

We also provide ancillary services such as the installation of new and collection of old products and offer product protection plans and customer finance. Via our state‐of‐the‐art facility we are also able to carry out the recycling of waste appliances.

We have a unique and vibrant culture and a team of people who genuinely care more about our business and its customers.

Over 3,000 employees across the UK and Germany

Around 72,000 deliveries a week

Recycling over 700,000 fridges per annum

Over 8 million customers

Where we operate

We operate across two countries: UK and Germany.

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