Gender Pay Gap Report

Creating Balance

Our people and culture have always been a huge priority at AO. Any success we experience comes from our people being who they are, loving what they do and striving to reach their full potential. We know this will only happen if we create a working environment where people feel equal, as well as supported on their journey through the business.

All big businesses in the UK are required to report annually on their gender pay gap.

2024 Gender Pay Gap Report

A message from John Roberts, CEO

“As the UK’s most trusted electrical retailer, our aim is to provide an inclusive environment which reflects the wide-ranging communities we serve and employ. It’s critical that our gender pay gap statistics show not only our progress but importantly where we must focus to continue making AO a truly inclusive and diverse workplace.

We continue to perform significantly better than the national average gender pay gap based on national median pay.

We know there is more to do, but our progress this year shows our passion and energy for doing the right thing.”

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