AO has received over 100,000 reviews on customer feedback website, Trustpilot. The milestone makes us the 20th company to break this threshold globally and awards us the title of the first online appliance retailer to enter the prestigious list.

We have a 95% ‘excellent’ score on the Trustpilot platform which allows customers to feedback on the service they have received once they have made a purchase. Launched in 2007, the feedback website reviews over 211,000 companies, across 3 continents and has over one million reviews submitted each month.

AO’s excellent rating on the site puts us in the top 0.01% of companies that have achieved this amount of reviews yet still managed to keep the highest accolade available. We are one of 10 in the top 20 that enjoys this excellent rating.

On reaching the milestone, our Chief Brand and People Officer Michael Bates said;

“As an online only business, our reputation is hugely important, especially when what people feel and say about you online, is available for all to see. Trustpilot is impartial, widely recognised and trusted. We take it as a really positive sign that our customers are engaged enough that they want to share their experience on a public forum. We’ve used our Trustpilot score on adverts and we’re proud of achieving over 100,000 reviews”.

Trustpilot’s European Marketing Director Alan Duncan remarked,

“Building trust in a new brand that also requires behaviour change from the consumer is tough. As one of the UK’s leading disruptors, instinctively understood the value of both listening to their customers to shape their business and amplifying their feedback as a great marketing tool. Achieving 100,000 Trustpilot reviews shows’s commitment to being a truly customer-centric business and in turn how keen their customers are to shout about their experience with the company”.