Online electricals store, had a surprise visitor to its Head Office this Friday, in the form of 72 year old Joe from Bolton.

Joe was on the hunt for a new fridge freezer, following the one he had owned for 36 years breaking down. After visiting a number of high street stores and not finding a replacement, Joe decided to look online. After spotting that had a model that was the right fit and seeing that the business was based in his hometown, he decided to pop down to ask for some more advice. 

“In the old days all you had to do was go into the shop and they had all the items stacked up. I went into one shop which had a dozen American fridge freezers, but I explained to a member of staff that I only needed a small one.  They told me they had no reason to stock these smaller fridges”, said a frustrated Joe.

Not wanting to remodel his whole kitchen for one new appliance, Joe considered driving 20 miles out of town to the next shop he could think of.

“20 miles seemed like a long way so I decided to look online. was one of the companies that came up first, they had a lot of choice, so I looked up their address to see if they could help me get the fridge I needed”.

Joe drove to the retailers’ Bolton Head Office where upon arrival he told the reception staff he was looking for some personal advice on purchasing a new fridge freezer. Being an online-only retailer, this isn’t something that happens every day at, however Greg from our customer experience team was more than happy to help. Greg made Joe a cup of tea and sat with him whilst he browsed through the website looking for his perfect appliance, offering help every step of the way.

On his new purchase Joe said:

“Greg and the team were great and I’m excited for my fridge freezer to be delivered so my ice cream will stop melting!”