AO and The Cotswold Company, both four and a half star rated companies on Trustpilot, have signed a 12-month rolling contract for AO’s famous green vans to deliver Cotswold Company furniture.

AO was the only choice for Cotswold once their CEO, Kevin Johnson, bought a number of products from and experienced their fantastic customer service first-hand.

AO’s trusted customer delivery experience and Cotswold’s high-quality products make for a perfect match. The two companies share the same values of putting the customer first and going above and beyond to ensure customers get the product they need when they need it.

The new partnership ensures Cotswold Company customers will get to book specific timeslots for delivery and be secure in the knowledge that AO’s expert two-person delivery crews, available in every mainland UK postcode every day of the week, will ensure hassle free, friendly and safe delivery of their new furniture.

The partnership came about after one of Cotswold’s logistics team had a great delivery experience from AO and told her boss, CEO, Kevin Johnson. Kevin then also ordered from AO and, given his similarly fantastic experience approached AO logistics to set up the partnership.

The partnership is already underway but the formal contract was signed on 28th January.

David Ashwell, MD of AO Logistics said:

“AO’s fantastic customer delivery experience drives our business and it is wonderful that, through a few such experiences, a whole new partnership has emerged. The Cotswold Company premium product fits well with our brand and I can see this partnership going from strength to strength.”

Kevin Johnson, CEO of The Cotswold Company said:

“After experiencing AO’s wonderful delivery service as a customer and appreciating how they put the customer first, I knew we shared the same values. Customers trust The Cotswold Company to provide them with a great service and quality product and AO is the logistics company we trust to get that right, after all, our reputation is on the line.”