Online electricals retailer AO is celebrating recycling over five million household appliances since it first opened its leading recycling facility five years ago. Based in Telford, AO Recycling opened its doors in Spring 2017 with the aim to safely recycle large domestic appliances, including fridges, washing machines, tumble driers, cookers and dishwashers.

The Shropshire plant is best known for responsibly disposing of fridges with its 80-tonne fridge crunching machine, Bertha, that safely collects any harmful gases released. However, a range of other appliances also receive the full ‘AO’ treatment once they arrive at the plant. As many appliances as possible are skilfully refurbished to be sold on via trade and outlet shops – over 200,000 appliances have received a new lease of life so far.

In a recent survey from AO Recycling, a third (30%) of Brits admitted to having at least one washing machine they no longer use, with a huge 9% revealing they have three still in their home – which shows uncertainty about how to dispose of large appliances. AO currently offers a Collect & Recycle service, where both customers and the public can book to have their appliances collected and taken away to be responsibly recycled.

Almost 8 out of 10 people (79%) also revealed that if there was an easy way to recycle their old appliances via collection services, they would like to do this instead of keeping them. Services such as Collect and Recycle are crucial in reducing the number of fly-tipped appliances on the streets – something that skyrocketed during lockdown.

Robert Sant, MD of AO Recycling, said: “We’re so pleased to have saved a huge five million appliances from potentially being fly-tipped. While AO Recycling is best known for its innovative fridge recycling facilities, we also tackle a range of large appliances that arrive onsite. Our research shows that there is a growing desire for a simple collection service for our unwanted appliances and we hope to continue recycling as many appliances as possible via our recycling services.”

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