Two local delivery drivers have been praised online for assisting a member of the public after she had a bad fall along a busy road in Poole.

Rob Groizard and George Claridge were driving along Sandbanks Road when they saw the woman take a fall in their wingmirror. Rob and George, who were contracted to online electricals retailer that day, immediately turned round, grabbed a first aid kit, and came to her assistance.

Not wanting to leave a member of the public distressed and alone on the side of the road, Rob and George stayed with her and called a member of her family to explain what had happened.

Although she insisted that they carry on with the rest of their deliveries, the crew continued to keep her company until someone arrived to take her to the hospital. George said: “If it was my mum, I would expect someone to come over to assist her, so it was the least we could do. Our work is about more than just deliveries, it’s about offering the best customer service.”

Social media users have congratulated them both for stepping in to help the woman, with one Facebook user saying: “Well done lads, so many people would have just kept driving expecting someone else to help.”

Whilst sitting with her for over half an hour, George used his love of football to put the woman at ease as she was clearly shaken up after what had occurred. George said: “Whilst having a chat with her, I mentioned that we were on our way back home to Portsmouth and I said that’s my football team. Then she mentioned that her husband is a Bournemouth fan, so it was a bit of fun conversation that I hope cheered her up.”

Lynne Wood, Director of Service Delivery at AO Logistics, said: “We are so proud to have Rob and George as contracted drivers. This act of kindness epitomises exactly what we mean at AO when we say we want to make decisions that our mums would be proud of. The woman’s husband gave us a call later that day to thank them both personally and we were pleased to hear that she got home safe.”