• A quarter of Brits are worried about one of their appliances breaking over the festive season
  • Only 33% of Brits admitted to checking the health of their appliances before Christmas
  • 40% of Brits are worried about increased energy usage

New research has revealed that almost half of Brits (42%) are worried about Christmas this year. In fact, one in three claimed that it’s the most stressful day of the year. With over a quarter (27%) feeling stressed at the thought of preparing all the food and a further 40% worried about the increased energy usage.

With food being at the heart of many celebrations, a quarter (24%) even said that they were worried about one of their appliances breaking over the festive period. Yet only a third (35%) admitted to checking that their appliances were working properly before the big day.

The UK’s most trusted online electrical retailer, AO.com recommends checking your appliances to ensure they are in top condition before Christmas.

AO expert engineer, Mike Williams commented: “This research has highlighted the worries that people have about their appliances during the festive period. At AO, we are dedicated to assisting our customers, especially over this time of year. We’ve created a checklist and useful guide to help alleviate some of the pressure. Don’t let appliance mishaps ruin your festive celebrations.”

Here are his top tips –

Check the seals

It’s always worth paying special attention to the condition of the door seal on your oven. This will naturally degrade over time, and if damaged, heat will escape.

The seal may require replacing every so often, so make sure to check it in advance before you pop your Christmas dinner in.

Scrape off any rust

When it comes to the oven racks, make sure you look thoroughly to see if you spot any rust.

Rust will slowly kill your oven and can cause further damage to your dishes. To remove this, take some aluminium foil and warm water then scrub the rack until all rust has disappeared.

Not only will you be left with shiny looking racks, but also a healthier oven interior.

Listen to the fan

Listen for any unusual knocking noises coming from the fan the next time your oven is on as this may indicate worn spindle bearings.

If this has happened, you’ll need a qualified appliance engineer to come in before Christmas and fix your oven before the big day.

Heating element

If your electric oven’s light doesn’t come on and your heating element isn’t glowing, then your oven will not heat up this Christmas.

Replacing a heating element is costly business and it may be far cheaper to get a new oven altogether.

Give your oven a clean

Make sure to look out for any build-up of dirt – this if left untreated will cause damage and deteriorate your oven.

Before you pop your Christmas dinner in, scrub away any stubborn grime or grease using vinegar and a cloth to make sure everything is working efficiently.


AO is reminding everyone to take a moment and check their appliances before the festive celebrations begin. To ensure that your appliances are in good condition, AO recommends buying early to avoid any last-minute disappointment. For more information and useful tips on how to maintain your appliances, please visit https://ao.com/athome/avoid-a-kitchen-catastrophe-this-christmas

Top 10 cities most worried about Christmas this year:

  1. Cardiff (51%)
  2. Belfast (48%)
  3. Liverpool (47%)
  4. Manchester (45%)
  5. London (44%)
  6. Edinburgh (43%)
  7. Plymouth (43%)
  8. Southampton (41%)
  9. Birmingham (40%)
  10. Brighton (39%)