Online electricals store, today announces the launch of a bold new Hollywood style advertising campaign.

Directed by top filmmaker Matthijs Van Hejningen (whose credits include features films The Thing, 2011 and Amsterdamned, 1998; horror short Red Rain, 1996; and Samsung’s Ostrich campaign), the new 60 second ad follows an action movie theme and shows AO racing against time to deliver the ultimate electrical appliance – the sun – and save us all from a darkened future.

Featuring high production values and a tongue-in-cheek script, the ad pokes fun at disaster movies while showcasing AOs new slogan: ‘Delivering Tomorrow’.

The ad marks a departure from focusing on product and customer testimonials to demonstrate the difference AO makes to its customers lives – by being obsessive about service.

Commenting on the new advert, Chief Brand and People Officer, Michael Bates stated;

 “The appliances in our homes are, in a way, the unsung heroes of our everyday lives. Whether it’s washing our family’s dirty clothes, vacuuming up the mess after a party or helping us enjoy the big match at home, I think we sometimes forget how reliant on them we really are.


“We asked ourselves what would happen if other things in our lives broke down like an appliance could. After the recent heat wave, what would we do if the sun stopped working? At AO, we understand the importance of things often taken for granted. When an electrical appliance breaks at home, it is a disaster. This is why we always deliver when the customer needs it and we do it in the most stress-free way possible.”

AO’s ‘Delivering Tomorrow’ campaign imagines a world where something we need but never think about fails, the sun. With disaster striking and the world plunged into darkness, people are crying out for a solution. In the advert, the day is saved when AO delivers and installs a new ‘model’. Just like their fictional counterparts in the new advert, when disaster strikes AO goes above and beyond to provide solutions each and every day. also recruited news legend, Peter Sissons to break the news to the nation that there might be a problem with the sun. The ‘breaking news’ video, which appeared on’s social channels, gave viewers a glimpse into how the world would react if the sun was to break and the confusion that it would cause.

Created by Karmarama, the new advert focuses on AO’s offering for its customers in a competitive retail space. The new ad will also be supported on AO’s digital and social channels.

The new advert will have its exclusive first airing during tonight’s Coronation Street on ITV.